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Are you in the market for the most comfortable Lift Chair recliner in the World? 


kraus seat lift chair
We help you find the RIGHT Lift Chair
Let us know your weight, height; and if you are more interested in a one or two motor lift chair

 Kraus lift chair recliners
Kraus Lifts chair goldentech pride 2-motor infinite position chairlifts
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Kraus lift chairs golden technology pride mobility liftchairs
NOW! for the best prices, quality, guarantee and service on the RIGHT seat lift chair from Kraus Liftchairs.  Sit, stand and recline with incredible ease.  The time you can enjoy your day on your lift chair recliner has a lot to do with the quality of your life.  The average person spends over 14 hours each day on their liftchair, and about 1 out of 4 people actually sleep on their liftchair.  Kraus LiftChairs will help you find the RIGHT lift chair for your height and weight; and whether you are in the market for a one-motor or two motor reclining liftchair.  Lift Chairs make standing so easy - all at the simple touch of your finger.  Select a liftchair model, color and fabric for your personal use, and take a comfort break for over half your day!

Kraus seat lift chair pride liftchair golden chairlift
No one knows more about lift chairs . . .
No one cares more about getting you the RIGHT lift chair recliner
This is what we do.  Call Kraus Lifts today.  You will be glad you did.

NOTE:  Lloyd Kraus (founder of KrausLifts) has his own lift chair recliner, his Mother (in assisted living) has her own reclining liftchair (see Video), and his Brother's Wife, her Mother and her Brother too . .  you cannot buy a more comfortable piece of furniture.  (Especially the two motor infinite position zero gravity models)

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